Friday, May 20, 2016

Indian Association of Yoga

Indian Association of Yoga (IAOY) with its headquarters located in New Delhi, is an international organization engaged in propagating the academic, therapeutic and research application of yoga. So far, the association has set up branches in several states of India, number of regional yoga organizations and groups which have enrolled numerous members or regions are involved in yoga cultural research, yoga teaching and training and yoga industry development etc.
IAOY is totally dedicated to propagation and quality of Education, Therapy and Research in the area of Yoga. I A O Y provides a platform to closely and widely connect the world, it holds periodical yoga academic conferences jointly with yoga branch yoga associations and organizations all over the India, jointly with yoga masters from different states and regions exploring the profound insights of the ancient yoga culture, discussing the development of yoga health practice, thus jointly promoting the internationalization of yoga culture.
IAOY provides registration, affiliation and accreditations to Yoga Institutes all over India. It provides registration/memberships to Yoga Instructors/Teachers and also provide the registration of Job Seekers in the area of Yoga.
IAOY organizes the Yoga Competitions/championships all over the India and conducts Yoga training programme for teachers, doctors, corporate persons, police men, police officers, army, army officers’ media persons and other groups.
IAOY work for the promotion of spiritual activities among people for spiritual up-liftmen. It is also involve in improving physical and mental health care provisions among the population, by means of Yoga, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, as well as allopathic medicine and Psychotherapy.

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