Friday, August 26, 2011

Skill development through Self Management

Self Management Process:
People frequently ask what is this Self Management, why self management and How to do so...
It has been explained in previous posts that it is not so easy. There are several components of Self Management, some of them are radiated in the picture below:

Health Management, Thought Management, Time Management and Will-power Management are the primary components

Stress Management, Anger Management,Lifestyle Management Diet Management and other practical aspects are the secondary components of this process.

Management of self grows slowly and it develops the potentials and skills in life. What should be the next step in our life? Meditate for a while, Try to find out the objective and work hard to achieve that. It depends what we want to develop....... Strength grows when we dare, Unity grows when we cheer, Mission grows when we share... & Team grows when we care....

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